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Emergency Services

Visit Our Emergency Vet Clinic for Urgent Help Outside of Regular Business Hours

During regular business hours, the veterinary team at Durham Veterinary Clinic is prepared to offer you emergency services if your pet is acutely ill or injured.

Just like you, your pet will sometimes need emergency care for an accident, injury, or even a sudden onset of serious illness. To give your pet treatment as quickly as possible, Durham Veterinary Clinic is affiliated with the Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham, which you can reach by calling 905-576-3031.

When you contact our emergency vet clinic, they will advise you over the phone on whether or not they believe your pet needs immediate veterinary treatment. If they do decide that this is the case, they will ask you to bring your pet to them right away, so they can provide your furry family member with the very best care.


Extend and Energize Your Furry Family Member’s Life

Your best friend deserves the best possible veterinary care.

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