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Your dog or cat’s care is of the utmost importance to everyone here at the Durham Veterinary Clinic. We offer a wide range of pet care and veterinary services.

No matter what your pet may need, Durham Veterinary Clinic always makes sure to be fully prepared and equipped for everything, from regular health check-ups to emergency services that may include surgeries.

Get a Closer Look at Our Services

Durham Veterinary Clinic can offer the following medical care, surgical, and in-house services:

If you’d like to know even more details about what Durham Veterinary Clinic has to offer you and your pet, please browse through the following links:

We can even offer senior pet care! While it may seem odd to us, once you pet reaches the age of seven, they are considered a senior. Some large or giant breed dogs may experience age-related health issues when they’re as young as five-years-old.

Regardless of your pet’s age, Durham Veterinary Clinic’s main goal is to keep your pet healthy for as long as possible. That’s why we recommend all senior pets get annual blood and urine tests. These tests allow us to determine if your pet’s internal organs are functioning properly. And if the organs are not functioning properly, we have a chance at detecting any such age-related problems much earlier before the problems have a chance to progress any further.

To have your pet treated at Durham Veterinary Clinic, book an appointment with us.


Extend and Energize Your Furry Family Member’s Life

Your best friend deserves the best possible veterinary care.

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